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10% UREA


A carefully balanced, proactive cream that helps strenghten the skin, restore the body’s natural barrier function and prevent moisture loss.

Designed to deliver the ultimate hydration and restore the body’s natural barrier


Created by skin expert, Dr Andrew Birnie

Formulated to support people with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and dry, rough or scaly skin.

Suitable for use as a daily moisturiser


Altruist Dry Skin Repair Cream - 10% UREA

  • Altruist Dermatologist Dry Skin Repair Cream with 10% Urea is is easily absorbed, cosmetically elegant and offers long-lasting dry skin relief with zero white cast. Optimum 10% Urea concentration to regulate moisture balance and restore lipid levels for even the driest of skins.

    From the team behind Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen. Experts in premium, ethical and affordable skincare. Designed to protect everybody, every day.

  • Apply daily all over, especially to dry areas, after washing or cleansing for maximum benefit. Suitable for use under make-up, sunscreen or after shaving. Use it as a hand cream to prevent irritant contact dermatitis. Avoid eyes and sensitive areas.

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