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SEEGREEN Cleansing & Hydrating Mask


Core Ingredients:


Nobel Prize Award 1996 “Fullerene”, Anti-oxidant (172 times of Vit C).

Instant hydration • Help to improve sensitive skin • Calming & soothing • Reduce pigmentation  Firming & lifting • Dark spots & freckles



Aurum whitening antioxidant.  Prevent & reduce dull & jaundice skin.

Makes the skin glow & radiance.


Deer Bone Collagen

Activate cell viability.  Supplement collagen.  Improve skin immunity

SEEGREEN Cleansing & Hydrating Mask

  • Usage method

    1. After cleaning, apply the mask to the face and gently press it against the face with your finger.
    2. Remove after 10 minutes and massage gently with palm to promote essence absorption.
    3. Rinse & skincare.


    1.    清洁后,将面膜敷于面部,用手指轻压使其充分紧贴面部

    2.    10分钟后取下,再用手掌轻轻按摩促进精华吸收

    3.    常规清洗护肤